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Every couple's needs vary and we might need to customise a collection slightly to suit you specifically. Whatever your needs, I will create a collection full of everything to make your special day perfect. These optional extras can be added at the time of booking but they can also be added to your collection at any point in the process.

  • Engagement Session
    This session is the best way for us to get to know each other. My goal as a photographer is to create a real and meaningful relationship with my couples as I believe that this will in turn create the best images. An engagement session is a way for us to get to know and understand each other. I will show you how to capture the best images so that you can be more relaxed on your wedding day. £199
  • Thank You Cards
    I aim to provide a selection of preview images within 48 hours of you walking down the aisle, so these thank you cards are the perfect way to use these images to show to your friends whilst thanking them for their generous and heartfelt wedding gifts. Beautifully designed and printed onto the highest quality fine art paper, these are the best way to say thank you. £129
  • Additional Photographer
    A must have add-on to any day with over 100-120 guests or with a variety of events happening throughout the day. Working together as a team, we will ensure that multiple angles are captured of every special moment. No moment or emotion will be missed. £350
  • Priority Gallery Edit
    My main priority whilst editing your images is to be as careful as possible to ensure nothing is missed and the absolute best images are carefully selected. During the busy wedding season, editing can take slightly longer, up to 6 weeks. A priority gallery edit will let you skip the editing queue and cut editing time from 6 to just 3 weeks ensuring the same amount of careful consideration is given during the editing process. £250
  • Guest Message Video
    Videography may not be something that you are looking for on your wedding day, however, a memory highlight reel with personal messages from all of your closest friends and family members is something that you can keep forever no matter what life throws at you. A traditional guest book works fine, sure, but you can’t see the sheer happiness and emotion through a written message… £395
  • Premium Wall Art
    Make a statement in your home for visitors to admire with beautiful framed prints. Frame types ranging from minimal and contemporary to vintage and timeless. There is a frame to suit any home and any image. Don't let your images get lost on a USB stick or on an old computer hard drive. Show them off on your wall! If frames aren't your thing then choose from strikingly modern acrylic and aluminium prints. Download my wall art guide here. From £99
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
    For the couples who want to keep their day and images private. This will be written up, signed and fully adhered to. I use the weddings I shoot as a portfolio of work that I promote in order to advertise to new potential wedding clients. The reason that there is a charge for this NDA is that it then means I am unable to use the beautiful images we capture on your wedding day in the future. I then need to invest in styled shoots and advertising. £295
  • Luxury Wedding Albums
    The journey doesn't stop when the photos are taken. Why would we want to create beautiful images and not show them off? Choose from luxurious hand-crafted albums and other stunning physical mementos. We will sit down and design your albums together to ensure they tell the story of your day beautifully. Download my album guide here. From £7.50 per image
  • Additional Hours
    This is the perfect add on to your day if you require more coverage than the general 10 hour coverage. Whether this is at the beginning of the day for longer prep coverage or at the end of the night to capture more of those booze filled dance moves, it is completely up to you. **Please note that this is the cost of additional hours on top of a collection, my hourly rate if creating a bespoke collection is £179. £149
  • Annual Online Gallery Back Up
    Thankfully it is becoming easier to acquire storage space online, however it is not infinite and unfortunately is not free. This is why all couple galleries will automatically expire after one year. If you would like to ensure your gallery stays online and available to send your friends and family to then the annual back-up option is for you. £50 per year
  • [COVID-19] What happens if we change the date and do everything above but you're still not available for the new date or we need to cancel completely?
    Although my policy is that the reservation deposit is non-refundable, if you have had to move your wedding to another date that I am unavailable for or you have had to cancel completely due to COVID-19, I will be happy to transfer the amount paid in the deposit to another photography session. This could be a family session, engagement session, branding or social media content, business headshots etc. This will be returned to you as a gift voucher so it can be used by yourselves or given to family members as a gift should you wish.
  • What happens after we book?
    Once you book I will send over a few emails during the course of the run up to your big day with information on what to expect communication-wise from myself. I will send over a questionnaire to get to know you both better, we will organise the engagement shoot and then arrange another meeting to discuss the plans for the big day about 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding. Due to the length of time between booking and the wedding day, we might not speak for a while but I want all my couples to know you can send an email or pick up the phone whenever you want to ask something!
  • We aren't overly keen on being away for hours getting pictures taken and leaving our guests. Is this going to be a problem?
    Absolutely not! In fact, I always want my couples to know that I am not the kind of photographer that takes the Bride and Groom away for hours to get their photo taken. My aim on the wedding day is to keep my couples happy and to ensure they are enjoying the biggest day of their life. I am not going to ruin that by taking them away from their guests for too long as I believe that is the feeling they will remember when looking at their images. Of course, we will ensure there is at least one portrait session during the day that we can capture beautiful moments in the venue's grounds together but because I like to research the venue beforehand if I haven't shot at it before, then I will already know the perfect spots for stunning images before I take you out there.
  • Do you have a particular style of photography?
    As a wedding photographer, I want to build a relationship with you both on the run up to your big day and have as many face-to-face (or video) meetings as possible so that you can be comfortable with me and on the day I am there in the background as a friend. This, I suppose, makes "my style" quite natural and candid because you are both so comfortable on the day that you forget I'm even there! We will, of course, ensure that we get family group shots and there will be times where some slight direction may be needed to get that perfect shot, however on the whole the images will be very natural and I will look to capture yourselves and your guests in their own unique way.
  • Can we buy an album after the wedding even if it wasn't included in our collection?
    Of course you can! The good thing about choosing the Luxe collection is that it is a fixed price and you can order the album at any time. The album within the Luxe collection is heavily discounted compare to purchasing the same spec album at a later date. Download my album brochure to see options and pricing.
  • Are all the images we get in colour or is there the option for black and white images as well?
    The majority of your gallery will be made up of full colour images. I tend to convert many of these to black and white as the black and white look makes certain images work better and gives a different feel to the image. Although I can work my post-production around your preferences, it would be beneficial to know your preferences before the wedding day so that I can look out and shoot for that particular look that you prefer. If you like both colour and black and white then that is perfect as you will receive both in your private gallery.
  • When we book, is it you we are booking?
    Yes, it is me that will be photographing your wedding. Contracts and all communications will be provided by myself. Unless you decide to add a second photographer, there will be no-one else attending your wedding with me.
  • What if we have to change our date or move our wedding?
    Every wedding is a case by case basis, and so far it’s worked out positively for all of my couples. I’ll do the absolute best I can should you have to reschedule. If you’re changing the date within the calendar year, I’m happy to move the date at no extra charge provided I’m available. My one ask (and the reason so far it’s worked out positively for all of my couples) is that you either email or call me before confirming the date change with the venue. Usually the venue would give you 3 or 4 availabilities, and I would love to ensure I am available for the one that you go for. Sometimes they’ll pressure you to make a quick decision. If that’s the case, call or text me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
  • Do you offer engagement/pre-wedding shoots?
    Yes, I do! If you opt for one of my full day packages, you will have an engagement shoot included with this as complimentary. This engagement shoot can be arranged any time you like in the run up to your wedding. I personally prefer to arrange engagement shoots for the evening time, just before sunset as this gives the best light and we can create some exciting images. If you have not booked a full day package but are interested in an engagement shoot then find more information here.
  • What happens if your equipment breaks on the wedding day?
    I ensure that I bring enough equipment with me on a wedding day so that, in the highly unlikely event that something might break, I am covered. I bring a minimum of 2 cameras and multiple lenses to ensure that no matter what happens we can still create stunning images. I also bring back ups of lighting equipment, flashes, memory cards, batteries etc, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
  • How do we book?
    I aim to make the booking process as simple and as straight forward as possible. If you are interested in my work, you can download my brochure which outlines the collections I offer and the pricing. Then if you want to chat in person to check we are a good fit then we can set up a phone or Zoom call, or face-to-face meeting if you would prefer. Once you have decided that you would like me to photograph your wedding (thank you!) I will send over a contract for you both to sign online and an invoice detailing payment dates. I require a £250 non-refundable booking fee which is due on the day of booking to secure your date.
  • How long after the wedding would we expect to have our images?
    I will send you a few sneak peak images within 48 hours of your wedding day. I will then aim to send you the link to your full gallery between 4-6 weeks after your wedding.
  • Should I add a second photographer?
    A second photographer is an ideal addition for weddings with over 100 guests. I love to work on my own to keep any disruption to you at an absolute minimum and to keep out the way but in order to capture those special moments at larger weddings with big guest numbers then I would recommend a second photographer. I can organise this for you, just let me know if you would like a second photographer and I will send you over a quote.

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