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1. Decision Time

2. Let's Chat

3. Get The Ball Rolling

4. Design Proofing

5. Sign Off

6. Receive Your Wall Art

If you are reading this, it is likely that you will have had a look through my wall art guide. The wall art options are outlined within this guide and once you have decided on what product type or types you like most then let's get started. If you haven't got the brochure, you can access it here

Once you have decided on wall art, let's jump on a zoom call or meet up. I am always more than happy, and would actually prefer it, to come out to your house in person. This way I can bring samples of products and different frame mouldings so we can discuss what might look best with your current room decor and colour scheme. We can go through your gallery together and select your favourite images.


Click below to book in your in-person or zoom consultation now.



To get the ball rolling and to start off the design process, all that is required from you at this point is a £50 design deposit. This covers the time taken to do any retouching that might need done to the images before they are sent to print. The files will also need to be primed for print and resized to the correct dimensions to ensure maximum print quality. This also covers any test prints we need to do to ensure we are getting the best wall art possible from the image(s).

IMPORTANT: This £50 is deducted from the final wall art total.

Once we have made a decision on the images, product type, frame colour and size, I will send you over a mockup of how this image is going to look on your wall. This is an essential part of the process if you have selected a wall art collection as we will be able to see how the full collection will fit on your wall and we can move images around in the collection however we see fit.

IMPORTANT: Like the album design process, I offer three free revisions of the design. After this, there will be a cost of £50 per revision.

Once you have signed off your design and order I will send over the final invoice and once the final invoice total is paid, the wall art will go into production. I will let you know how long the wall art products are likely to take being produced due to production times at that particular time of the year and I will give you an expected delivery date.

It is very rare but if there are any issues with production or delivery of your order, I will be in contact with you to keep you updated.

On or before your estimated delivery date, you will receive your wall art directly to your door. I will also include care instructions as well as instructions on how best to hang your wall art


Thank you for choosing to design and invest in premium wall art with me. I have outlined the typical timeline of the  process from start to finish. This may alter slightly from each individual couple and their needs but this will give you an idea of what is involved.

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